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      國家級高新技術企業 國家創新基金獲得單位


      首頁/走進天科/ 公司簡介



      Xuzhou Tianke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is developed on the basis of Xuzhou Zhongli industry and Trade Co., Ltd. It is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade (batch number: 0732003a4387), and the winner of the national science and technology innovation fund. The company is located at No. 1, Changxing Road, Xuzhou high tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The products have increased from 1 variety and 3 specifications in the early stage of establishment to 9 varieties and 30 specifications. The products cover 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.


      The company has a high-quality R & D team with strong technical force. The main employees are from China University of mining and technology, with one doctor's degree, five master's degrees and more than 30 professional technicians with medium and senior professional titles or above. It has the only municipal excavation machinery engineering research center and belt conveyor turning device engineering research center in China. It cooperates with Shenhua, China coal, Yankuang, Zibo, Lu'an, Huaibei and other mining groups, as well as many scientific research institutions such as China University of mining and technology, Jiangsu first design institute and Beijing Academy of Coal Sciences. It was awarded "national designated production unit of coal mine special equipment and accessories" by China Coal Machinery Industry Association, and "national customer satisfaction supplier in coal industry" and "national excellent service provider with quality reputation" by China Equipment Management Association; Belt conveyor turning device and coal mine clearing machine are rated as "high-quality brand products of China's coal machinery industry" by China Coal Association.


               The company's tenet is: "committed to product scientific and technological innovation and serving the progress of mine technology." The patented product - 360 belt conveyor turning device has been successfully applied in more than 1000 sets, more than 1000 sets of coal mine cleaning machines and more than 300 sets of hydraulic column lifters. Intelligent mine cleaning machine, tail sedimentation tank cleaning system, water bin rapid loading machine, ditch excavator, automatic sewage source treatment system and vibrating screen solid-liquid separation system have been successfully developed and applied.


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